23 May 2006

Stewart Jackson MP: The Bloggers Champion

Yesterday I mentioned that Cherie Blair had signed copies of the Hutton Report for auction, the story seems to have gained some momentum. My comments followed Iain Dale's earlier mention. Today he has called on Bloggers everywhere to raise it as an issue.

Since yesterday it has, apparently been mentioned on numerous radio talk shows and Peterborough's excellent Member of Parliament (I would never have been able to say that before May last year), Stewart Jackson, has taken up the issue, raising an Early Day Motion asking for the money raised to be donated to an appropriate charity. He has also written to Hazel Blears asking for an explanation.

I get the feeling that this is one of those stories that will grow rather than just suddenly appear. Certainly, the Guardian have now covered it and even the BBC News Website have given it a mention (although, as you would expect with a sleaze allegation against the Labour Party, they have given it little prominence).

Update: This issue is due to be discussed on PM on Radion 4 this evening, to include an interview with an angry MP, presumably Stewart Jackson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a new low even for low new labour, would anyone hire this woman to defend them? disgusting.

10:19 AM  

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