25 May 2006

Auctiongate: More questions than answers

When you take the recent comments of James Purnell and the propensity of New Labour to twist every situation to their own advantage, a number of questions arise:

1. Whilst they will not take the 400 for the item they sold, will they be taking a donation for a similar amount from the individual who purchased it? History suggests this is the sort of trick they would pull. The only way out of this is to guarantee that they will not take further donations from the individual. Given the questionable morals of someone that is willing to pay 400 for such an item, this would be a good thing.

2. Where is the said item? What is to stop it being sold on in future to raise funds for the Labour Party - will the Labour Party guarantee that they will never profit from the sale of this item?

3. Has this happened previously? We know of this one sleazy event last Sunday, and another copy has apparently been sold on Ebay - which suggests at least 2 were signed. How many more are there?

Will we get answers? It depends on whether those in the media are willing to insist on them.


Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

Why won't the person who bought it own up? That would be an interesting revelation.

3:56 PM  

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