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Picture of Martin Curtis


Independent Candidate for Whittlesey South Ward, Fenland District Council

Hi, welcome to my website. It’s a place to find out about my campaign to get elected as an independent councillor for Whittlesey South Ward. 

It also gives me a chance to get a bit deeper into the political issues, for those that are interested.  



I am from a Whittlesey family and  have been a Whittlesey resident for almost all of my adult life, my wife is also from Whittlesey.  I have two grown up children, who were both educated at Sir Harry Smith Community College.

I have been involved in 

local Government for 25 years now and have worked internationally and nationally as well as having been elected at Town, District and County Council level here in Whittlesey.  Whilst I have not been elected for the last ten years, much of my work has revolved around engaging with councils and councillors, so I know what a good council looks like.   One of the reasons for standing is because  I can help to make Fenland a better council.

I am very much a believer in the work hard, play hard approach to life, something I developed during my Army career (I served for 6 years immediately after leaving school).  Playing hard for me involves weekends away in Halen (our camper van), travelling across the UK and abroad to gigs and festivals, walking in our amazing countryside and trying very hard to make my back garden a nice place to relax.  I also enjoy running and am currently training to take part in the Frankfurt Marathon in October.

Politics is never far from my thoughts, I am passionate about improving the system in the UK - which includes moving to proportional representation.

Recently, I was invited to take part in the Coffee, Buses and Politics podcast, which is broadcast live on YouTube on a Friday morning (it is also available on other podcasts platforms).  I must have done something right, because after my first appearance, I was asked to be a regular.  The podcast is about politics, but it has a Cambridgeshire focus.

Here are a couple of places you can find me on social media:

Twitter/X:    @OneNationMartin

Facebook:  Martin Curtis Political

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