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Must Farm

Most of you will know how important Must Farm was as an archeological project, recognised around the world as a highly significant site. When I spoke to Frances Pryor, the archeologist, about Must Farm, he told me that it was changing the way people thought about the Bronze Age. All this found in Whittlesey.

If you aren't aware of Must Farm, you can find out more here.

There was a move a few years ago to try and get a Must Farm visitor centre in Whittlesey which sadly came to nothing. The situation is now that, despite the fact that all this material was found in our Town, we have absolutely nothing in Whittlesey that tells the story of Must Farm and absolutely none of the finds on display anywhere. I find this totally unacceptable.

Sadly many of our current Councillors don't share my view - it is a good example of the complacency of the Leadership at Fenland District Council. This will always be a priority for me. I will never stop making the case for Must Farm to be remembered permanently in our Town, including with a display of some of the finds.


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