22 June 2009

New Speaker - Labour resorts to type

I am really concerned that the election of John Bercow as speaker will prove yet another politically orientated mistake by Labour MPs.

Their failure to do the decent thing started when Michael Martin was elected as speaker - breaking a tradition of rotation.

They then failed to get rid of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown when it was absolutely necessary and then today, when it was absolutely essential that MPs needed to vote, and be seen to vote, totally independently and for the best candidate for the post, they instead went for the result that would annoy the Conservatives most. My concern is that the public will see this for what it is - a political vote that should not have been so, and it will fail to have the positive impact that it desperately needed to have.

John Bercow must, of course, be given time to show that he is up to it. But I fear that controversial appointments in posts like this can only end in tears - in fact the way our National media works and whilst we allow unattributable briefings by MPs and their representatives to the media, I suspect controversy is a near certainty.



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