26 May 2009

Cometh the Hour cometh Douglas Carswell

David Cameron's speech today was yet another demonstration that he is a Prime Minister in waiting. It also takes the initiative from those Labour MPs who have tried to hijack the current constitutional crisis by bringing forward the Proportional Representation argument. The reason they want PR is not because it will solve anyhting, except the potential for the Labour Party to be wiped out whenever a General Election is called.

It is interesting that none of what he said today was partcularly new, in fact many of his points were used as part of his campaigning when he was elected as leader and were taken from Direct Democracy, a movement founded by Douglas Carswell MP.

Douglas Carswell is having a good crisis. Firstly, he was the one strong enough to stand up and be counted when it came to the need for the speaker to go, and now we see his methodology leading the Conservative Party towards General Election victory. I am pleased, because although he is a bit of a renegade, he is so because he believes in his ideals. Indeed it is people like him that will come into their own once David Cameron succeeds in reigning in the whips in Parliament.



Blogger ChrisJS said...

Having a strong independent stance is fine but in Douglas Carswell's case his extreme right wing views a close to the stance of the BNP (and that is probably where some of his vote comes from)Is this the kind of Government we are expecting after the next election?

8:21 AM  

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