31 May 2009

PR is not the answer

I am a bit disappointed that one of the outcomes of the expenses debacle seems to be a move towards Proportional Representation.

Quite how PR will help to stop MPs abusing an over-generous expenses system is beyond me.  In fact, my suspicion is that it is an attempt by Labour and the Lib Dems to try and keep the Conservatives out of power.

The question I would ask is what do you want out of any electoral reform?  Do you want months after an election where political parties squabble over power and the Country is left effectively rudderless?   If so - support PR - it is what happened in Germany (4 months) and Belgium (9 months).

Do you want a situation where a party like the BNP or the Communists hold the balance of power and are able to dictate terms in order to allow a major political party to gain power?   If so, support PR.

Do you want to risk losing your link to an elected member of Parliament so that you are not sure who to write to about your own issues?   If so support PR.   Our members of parliament are personally accountable to you.    Our MEPs are not (and it is a stupid system).  Our MPs are elected using a form of PR.

The only question to which the answer is PR is: "How can make our system of Government worse?"

Don't be conned.  Sort out our MPs, support a power of recall, support fixed term parliaments, but don't support PR.



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