04 June 2009

A Very New Labour Coup

The email doing the rounds of Labour MPs asking for support to oust Brown is typical of the gutless attitude of New Labour.   It is an anonymous email, pledging anonymity to anyone that pledges support until they have 50 signatories.  No-one is willing to stand up and be counted, not having the strength of character to stand up and say enough is enough.

It was the same at the end of the Blair era and it is the same now.   Gutless representation from a gutless party.  The sooner they go the better.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was not so long ago that david cameron was under pressure as not a fit leader. the whole political system has lost direction because succesive governments have imposed their idealist will instead of serving the people.the peoplewho were in it for the money are now bailing out it is hoped that their golden parachutes are witheld and they landin the real world

8:53 AM  

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