22 April 2009

Brown's Plans for Expenses Reform

Gordon Brown announced his own ideas for a very quick change to MPs expenses yesterday. The fact this was a quick turnaround from his previous decision to wait for the outcome of a review has already been discussed elsewhere, but I am interested in his motives.

I am deeply suspicious that hte major part of his proposed changes, that of an attendance allowance, is an idea copied from the European Parliament which, amongst right minded politicians, has a worse reputation in terms of "the Gravy Train", than Westminster.

I wonder if Gordon Brown's thinking is to propose a change that is unacceptable to the opposition so that he can portray himself as the good guy to the public and to paint the Lib Dems and Conservatives as the bad guys if and when they vote against.

So, a change that is about securing political advantage rather than doing the right thing. That would be the New Labour way.



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