09 March 2009

Performing Rights Society vs You Tube

A spat emerged today between the Performing Rights Society and You Tube over royalties paid to performers for videos played on You Tube. The result of this is that YouTube has blocked streaming of premium music videos to the UK.

Personally I am on the side of YouTube. Whilst I recognise that performers are due a share from any clips that are shown. There can be no doubt that You Tube plays a huge part in keeping people like me interested in music, and especially in live music. I could never hope to count the number of times I have gone on to You Tube to check out new bands, or to look at clips of bands I am thinking of going to see.

Without music on YouTube, the live music scene will suffer. The PRS needs to recognise this and quickly, because a number of live venues are struggling at the moment and I, for one, want to see the live music scene in Britain continue to thrive.



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