08 February 2009

Someone tell Lembit they've been doing it for years

I couldn't help my wry smile when I read this post by Iain Dale about poor old Lembit's unfair treatment at the hands of the Lib Dems during his campaign for the Presidency.

Shailesh Vara (MP for North West Cambridgeshire) recently reminded the Lib Dems that they support this behaviour in an excellent speech in Parliament in which he quoted some salient extracts from the Association of Lib Dem Councillors document "effective Opposition". These extracts include this advice:

“Be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly.”

“Don’t be afraid to exaggerate. For example, responses to surveys and petitions are always ‘massive’. If a council is doing something badly public expressions are always of ‘outrage’”,

“Oppose all service cuts...No cut is going to be popular and why court the unpopularity that goes with the responsibility of power”.

The point is that Lembit Opik has been an active supporter of a political party that has been behaving this way for years. If they act like this during by-elections and as part of day-to-day campaigning, why is he surprised that it happened during an internal election?



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