21 March 2009

Why the Apology?

Harriet Harman sent an apology to Michael Sheen because she said live on air that she thought Tony Blair was better looking.

What's to apologise for? That's not an insult it's a statement of opinion. I'll leave it for others to decide if the opinion makes sense or not, but surely there is nothing offensive about it?

The political world is sometimes too barking for words.



Blogger John M Ward said...

It's a mindset, created by close involved with this aspect of Cultural Marxism that instills fear of what one says or how it might be interpreted.

It is interesting to see one of its architects in this country be hoist by that petard…

1:43 PM  
Blogger John M Ward said...

That should be: "by being closely involved" (!)

1:43 PM  

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