03 December 2007

Higher Education Con No. 6 million

Did you know that the Government's latest trick on HE is to decide that it is no longer going to subsidise courses where they are at a lower or equivalent level to an individual's existing qualifications?

When you consider the number of people that retrain for a new career it will have a big impact, it could also serve to reduce the amount of much needed flexibility that a modern economy needs; short term financial gain, long term economic pain.

If, like me, you think this is a retrograde step please sign this:


One of the organisations that will suffer as a result of this stupid decision is the Open University. I am currently doing a Degree through the OU (doesn't fit into the above criteria because I don't have a degree yet). They are a thoroughly professional organisation that provide a much needed service - they should be rewarded for what they deliver not punished.



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