21 November 2007

More for the police must mean more for the rest

The excellent Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, Julie Spence has been meeting the Home Secretary today along with the Chair of the Police Authority, asking for more money to meet the extra cost of policing caused by immigration. I hope she succeeds.

I have my doubts, not because the case isn't robust, but because the police are just one part of the public sector in Cambridgeshire that are suffering because of the same problem; I was at a school in North East Cambridgeshire this week that is spending about 50k a year on students with English as an Additional Language; the probation service suffers; GP surgeries have to use a language service to manage foreign patients and have to foot the bill themselves; I could go on and on.

Thee is no doubt that the migrant population do add to the economy of this area. But the Government cannot claim, on the one hand, that they are benefiting in taxes from migrants and then bury their heads in the sand when the case is made for the return of some of those taxes to cope with the difficulties that are caused to the public sector.



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