29 November 2007

How should the Conservatives deal with it?

It is looking more and more like the Labour Party are in a state of terminal decline. Polls now have the Conservatives 11 points ahead, Harriet Harmen is potentially fatally wounded by Newsnight tonight, David Cameron is calling for Jon Mendelsohn to resign after the Labour Party's chief fundraiser has been further implicated by the scandal. On top of this they still have to deal with the possibility that Northern Rock will cost the taxpayer billions and the missing CDs etc. etc.

I wonder what the reaction should be from the Conservatives? If they go for Brown's jugular they are inviting greater media interference when actually we need to be toning down the over-dominant control that the media has on politics. It must be difficult to balance this with the desire to put one over on the plastic socialists.

I wonder if the best way forward is to stay a bit quiet on this particular issue and let natural momentum build whilst at the same time pushing out a few headline grabbing policies and sell the Conservatives in a more positive light - trying to show something different? Would these sort of positive tactics get any headlines? Unfortunately I suspect not; the way the media works the only way the Conservatives can move forward is to capitalise on Labour's misery. (that said it is a misery they have brought upon themselves).

It would be positive for the Conservatives to react differently and it could actually go a tiny bit towards putting politics on more of a steady platform.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should concentrate on dealing with your disappointment in the NE Cambs selection battle and the parlous state of the Tory Group on the County Council!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Martin Curtis said...

Nice brave anonymous comment.

I'm a big boy and can cope. You paint a picture of County I don't recognise.

8:58 AM  

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