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Why is this Blog Here?

Updated: Jun 10

I am pretty sure that the reason this blog is here is a bit obvious, it is to talk about my campaign to be elected as a Fenland District Councillor for Whittlesey South Ward.

However, after I am elected, I aim to continue with this blog so that I can keep you informed about what I'm doing and what I think.

It is probably also with pointing out what this blog isn't and will never be, which is an alternative to Cllr Roy Gerstner's excellent blog. That is an amazing source of information about the various goings on in Whittlesey. There is no point duplicating that, not least because I couldn't do it as well as Roy does.

This will be very much about my opinions and activities, with a view to letting you know a bit about the decisions I am involved in and what I think.


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