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This is just not good enough

I thought long and hard about posting about this because it is comments from a third party and is about events a few months ago. But I have corroborated with a few people and I am confident it is accurate. It is also relevant because it is a clear example of the concerns I have expressed about the behaviour of the Conservatives in Whittlesey.

This article on Roy Gerstner’s excellent blog tells the story. But in short, after members of the public had spoken at the public forum at the April Town Council meeting, a Cllr from Wisbech raised his hand and was allowed to speak and chose to basically lay into the comments made by one of the public speakers who surprise, surprise was standing against the Conservatives as an independent candidate in the Town Council elections.

This reflects what I have been saying about toxic behaviour from some Conservatives. It appears to me that the whole episode was pre-planned and shows a reluctance to be held to account. in my opinion trying to intimidate someone who has chosen to speak in an open forum, without giving them a right to reply is bullying.

There, I’ve said it. The people who planned and delivered this behaviour are bullies.


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