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I have worked damned hard over the last few weeks and have had some amazing support, and to each and every one pf you. Thank you.

I am trying to be optimistic. The feedback I have had has been great, so I am trying hard to be optimistic, but the doubt is taking over. Let’s see tonight.

One thing that seems to have happened is that the nasty amd deceitful attack leaflet that the Conservatoves put out has backfired. I have had messages from people that have said they were no linger voting Conservative, I have had the Conservatoves described as ‘like kids in a playground’ and today an email containing this ‘Despite the ridiculous/laughable/negative/desperate leafleting by the Conservatives, you have my vote today.’

The more I think about that leaflet, the more I think it reinforces my view of what our local Conservatives have become. This week we have had what is probably the last hope of opposing the incinerator at Wisbech dashed. One thing that may have been a reason for the failure to oppose it is that the Conservatives couldn’t work with others as a unified group to oppose it, so there were effectively two campaigns groups against it. This week the Conservatives decided to threaten a unified approach towards dealing with the issues at Saxon Pit For the sake of a few votes. People suffer for the sake of North East Cambridgeshire Conservatives obsession with power. Amd their inability to work with others.

When I set out on this by election, I said that win or lose, I would put a rocket up the Conservatives rear end. The reaction this week shows that I have had a big impact. From that perspective, I am happy. I hope later I am ecstatic.

Thank you everyne who has shown me support in any way. It means a huge amount. I love standing up for Whittlesey and it is a privilege to be able to do so.


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