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Saxon Pit

Today, I was made aware of quite a malicious leaflet being delivered to parts of Whittlesey. That leaflet basically blamed me for the debacle surrounding Saxon Pit and suggested that I am supportive of waste processing in the area.

When I started this campaign, I expected this sort of personal attack - it’s what happens if you make an impact. Quite clearly I have done this and quite clearly the Conservatives think I might win on Thursday.

The end result of that leaflet is that I have had to make the decision not to deliver my 3rd election leaflet to parts of Whittlesey and have, instead, chosen to deliver a rebuttal. It’s a shame, I have really tried to keep what I put through residents doors as positive as possible and keep the sort of politics that only politicians like to this blog, but I was left with no option.

in terms of Saxon Pit, my position is clear. If it were my choice, based on everything I have seen so far I would say that residents have suffered enough and there should be no more waste processing at all. Whether we ever get to that position is another matter. But, I repeat what I have said before during this campaign - if I can play a role in making sure there is a solution to this debacle that residents can support, I will do so.

The issues at Saxon Pit are serious, they may have significant implications for residents and to turn it into a political issue in the way the Conservatives have does a disservice to residents. You deserve better.

It is also worth stressing that I have a history of standing up for residents in difficult circumstances. Those that remember the supermarket farce will remember how I withstood a huge amount of pressure when I chose to stand up for the solution that residents supported. It is that same strength of character that I intend to use to challenge Fenland to be better after I am elected on Thursday.

I mentioned elsewhere that I am concerned about the toxic behaviour of some Fenland Conservatives, and this malicious smear is yet another example of it. So far during the campaign for Whittlesey South I have deliberately strayed away from the General Election, but it is worth saying this; those that are behind the leaflet that was delivered by the Conservatives are senior figures within the party in North East Cambridgeshire. Those same people will be playing a significant role in Stephen Barclay’s campaign for re-election. Are you comfortable that he is surrounding himself by people who are capable of this sort of behaviour? I’m not.

My final point is this. Who do you want representing you at Fenland? Your choice is either someone who will turn one of the most serious issues in Whittlesey at the moment into a political football, or someone with a record for standing up for Whittlesey residents. If you want the latter, I am your choice.

(Sorry Clayton Payne, but you aren’t going to win).


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