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Updated: Jun 13

I exchanged a few emails this morning with a client of mine. I mentioned that I was standing as an independent in Fenland. They gave me quite a lengthy set of comments about Fenland. This quote was part of their reply and they have agreed I can use it.

“Fundamentally Fenland at officer and member level has no plan – it’s all reactionary and there’s no vision. With the Reservoir hopefully coming it needs vision and leadership.”

This reflects what I have been saying from day one of my campaign - you deserve better. The only way you are going to get change is by voting for change. Voting in another Conservative simply will not deliver.

It would be correct that you challenge me about whether I can help make change happen. I believe I can. Let me give you an example by telling you about my day today. First thing this morning I had a meeting with a council chief executive, this afternoon I met a council leader. Every meeting I have like this grows my knowledge and experience. As your councillor, I can apply that knowledge to help make Whittlesey and its surrounding villages a better place to live. To push for the council to develop a clear identity and a clear vision for the future, that includes developing a better vision for Whittlesey and its surrounds. The reservoir that my client has me tioned is important and we should be clear that there is potential for Whittlesey and especially places like Turves to benefit. But that requires our leadership to influence it rather than just let it happen to the area.


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