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Final Day of Campaigning

It really, I will be doing a few things tomorrow, but today I have walked 22,000 steps, spoken to a few people who were really critical of the Conservative attack leaflet, one of whom described it as kids in a playground. Seems about right.

Whatever happens, I am proud of the campaign I have run. I am the candidate who has put forward the positive ideas and the original thinking for Whittlesey and the villages, I have worked harder and I have tackled the serious issues that exist about our council and our Conservative Councillors.

I have also had some amazing support from other councillors and ex-councillors who know that I am speaking truth. I have also had an amazing team of deliverers, and I thank them all.

Especially thanks to my amazing good lady. She is a superstar.

If you are unsure about how to vote in the Whittlesey South by-election tomorrow, here’s a few things to think about.

Do you want to support the Conservatives, who made the decision that they were willing to create political disunity over the Saxon Pit issue


Do you want to support someone who has 25 years of local government experience and who can help to give you the District council you deserve.

Whatever, please stand up for democracy and vote.


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