03 September 2009

Moved and changed.

I have had a slight reorganisation of the way I blog which means, for now, that SpinBlog will not be updated.

If you want ot see what I have to say about Nation Issues, or about my role as Parliamentary Candidate in Nottingham North go here.

If you want to know what I do or say as a local Councillor in Whittlesey, follow this link.


01 April 2007

Boring Post About increasing Site Traffic

I don't know what the reasons ere, but last month was a record month for SpinBlog - just short of 18,000 unique visits.

I know this is nothing like the masses of visits that Guido, Iain Dale and ConservativeHome get, but it is nice to think that I am saying the sort of things that people are interested in.

I am trying to work out what has particularly changed. Two things spring to mind - I am up for re-election to Fenland District Council next month - could it be that a few people are keeping an eye on things because of that, or could it be because I subscribed to MyBlogLog a couple of months ago?

Would be interested in any suggestions as to why traffic is up?