23 April 2009

St George's Day

Happy St George's Day all.

Sorry we all have to go to work - if there was any justice we would all have a day off.


05 April 2009

Hooray to the Archbishop of York

More often than not I get frustrated by the over-Liberal views of the Church of England. But, they have a right and a responsibility to provide moral challenge, even if I disagree with them. Today I find myself supporting them.

In today's Mail on Sunday the Archbishop of York has set out his reasons why St George's Day should be an English Public holiday.

This has been needed for years. Since 1998 the rights of the Welsh and Scottish to determine more of their own laws has developed (and if that is their wish I have no complaint) yet the ability for Scottish and Welsh politicians to interfere in matters that affect only English people has not been reduced one iota - THAT is wrong.

It is no surprise that over that same period St George's day has grown in stature as a way for the English to stamp their right to their own identity. St George's day events are now common, and it is about time it was formally recognised as a day for the English to be proud of who they are.

On 23rd April I will be attending what I hope is now Saxon's annual St George's Day gig. Can't wait. But I have to behave myself and resist the urge to drink too much, because it is three days before the London Marathon.