13 August 2008

Sarkozy Committing British Troops

Yesterday, Nicolas Sarkozy visited Georgia in an attempt to broker peace. I have no problem with that.

However, in his speech yesterday he said that the EU would be willing to commit troops for a peacekeeping role in the right circumstances.

I hope this was not an EU President committing British troops, I would be disgusted if it was.


29 July 2007

Conservatives set to fund private EU referendum?

I think this is a great idea. The Government promised a referendum and have now backed off.

Not only is it something that might capture the imagination, it would be a step towards David Cameron reinforcing his credentials as an EU sceptic; it might also help to shore up support from some of the dissafected grass roots.

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20 April 2007

We Won't Win, So We Won't Have One

Tony Blair has decided that we now no longer need a referendum on an EU constitution. He claims this is because the new constitution is not as significant as what was originally proposed. The real reason is that he wouldn't win it.

Why not let us decide whether the changes are fundamental or not?

Why is he making the decision when he is going to announce that he is standing down in a matter of days? Is he trying to get this done and dusted before his successor can out a stop to it as another way of improving the possibility of becoming EU President?

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18 April 2007

EU Accounts - Still Not Signed Off

It appears that it is now 12 straight years that the EU accounts have not been signed off by auditors. If this happened for one single year in just one local Authority in the UK, the Government would be leaping in and interfering at the first opportunity (and maybe with some justification).

Yet when it comes to billions of pounds being mis-spent in the EU they keep conveniently quiet. Oh - and Blair's EU Commissioners sack anyone that tells tales about it.


26 February 2007

Daniel Hannan on EU Expenses

Daniel Hannan MEP, who is at the forefront of Direct Democracy, (an organisation that has some really good things to say about localism), has got a Blog with the Daily Telegraph.

This post about the scandal that is EU travel expenses is very interesting.

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25 February 2007

Blair's final act of betrayal?

Iain Dale has commented on this story that Tony Blair may sign up to the revised EU consitution without a referendum.

Up until now I have refused to get on board with any campaign to leave the EU. It has always been my personal belief that the best way forward is to seek changes that return power back to member states so it goes back to being a Europe of trading nations.

I have to say that if Blair does commit this deed I may change. I fear we will have gone beyond a point where revision is feasible and the only option will be withdrawal.

I wonder how many other people will feel the same way? Not only will this be an act of betrayal and deceit on the part of Blair (no surprise there then), his final act might actually be the final nail in the coffin for the EU which he adores.


07 December 2006

David Cameron In the EU Lions Den

I love this. It is an example of really brave politics from David Cameron, having the guts to boss the Lions about in their own den.

Those that use such terms would call this real right-wing politics. I call it having the guts to say what needs to be said, where it needs to be said. Tony Blair has rarely (if ever) had the personal strength to do this.

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