29 April 2009

Ghurka Victory

How wrong did the Government get this? How out of touch does Gordon Brown look?

How good is Joanna Lumley?

In principle I have a huge problem with the Lib Dems and the way they do business, it would take a lot for me to side with them. In this instance I have no doubts, I would have voted with the Lib Dems in this vote. I am absolutely delighted that service to Britain and loyalty have won over what is now truly identified as a morally bankrupt Government.

I wonder if this is the point at which Gordon Brown's premiership starts to collapse. This is an issue in which the British public as a whole care and Gordon has, once again, fallen well, well short.

I await the next opinion polls with eager anticipation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is time someone took GB on with regards to his statement that it would cost 1.4 Bil to allow the Ghurkas to settle in the UK. If ever there was an ill advised statement, that was it; and from a man who once managed this country's money and now manages its future.
Every ex Ghurkah I have come accross, all over the world, worked and was not on the dole. I have not seen or heard of any Ghurkah involved in terrorist activities. Their Loyalty does not flip flop between their religion and their state, unlike some others!

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