26 July 2007

Some Conservative idiots

Those loons within hte Party who are trying to see the end of David Cameron's reign as Party Leader need some sense knocking in to them.

Yes, the by-elections were disappointing, but these reflected the "Brown bounce" that has been evident in the polls. My own view is that the bounce will be short-lived and the Conservatives will be back ahead in the polls soon, and Brown's popularity will plummet.

I cannot see what a change in Leader will achieve for the Party now, apart from to plummet it into a massive crisis and make us totally unelectable. Of course those people doing the stirring are probably putting their own ambitions ahead of the best interests of the Party and its hard-working grass roots. Idiots.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't find the bye-elections too dissapointing - on average Labour's vote share fell by 10% and ours held steady...

1:07 PM  

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