23 July 2007

Negative Press Releases - Spin or not?

I have thought long and hard about whether to post this, because it involves a link to the Cambridgeshire Lib Dems website, which really is so poor that it does not justify the publicity.

However, I thought it was worth doing to highlight an issue, and their website is, by far and away, the best example I could find. Whilst the Lib Dems do ask challenging questions at Full Council meetings, very often they are supportive of the Council position as a whole. But if you read the tone of their press releases, which can be found here, you would think that they disagreed with the Conservative Leadership on every count and that everything in the garden is turning to mud. Furthermore, a great deal of the content of their press releases omit certain essential facts in order to portray things as worse than they are.

Whenever I criticise this they huff and puff in mock horror, yet privately I have had members of their group admit to me that the tone of individual press releases is unhelpful.

I should add at this point, that Cambs Lib Dems are not the only culprits of this, but they certainly seem to be the worst.

Is it valid to make a bid for power by trying to undeservedly destroy a Council's reputation, or is it morally unacceptable? I know what I think.

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