10 July 2007

The Media and the Social Exclusion Report

The media response to the social breakdown report as been absolutely disgraceful and a typical example of why they are just as culpable as our politicians for the poor state of British politics today.

The report is comprehensive and contains a huge array of measures to tackle the single biggest issue that faces us today - the problems arising out of social breakdown. But the mainstream media refuse to look beyond increases in duty on alcohol and tax breaks for married couples.

I hope the shortcomings of the media response do not result in this report being scrapped, it really is good stuff.

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Anonymous John said...

I wrote a formal complaint to the BBC when the report was issued and they closed the debate down to talk about marriage tax-breaks. I requested a repsonse to the complaint, this has not been forth coming. Do you think it would be possible to take this failure to reply further?

10:58 AM  

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