25 June 2007

Harriet Harman - What has she ever achieved?

A bit of a surprise yesterday and a very tight contest. The true story about how poor engagement has been is the extremely low turn-out of Union Members. If the deputy leadership election had really managed to capture the imagination, turn out would have been far higher.

I have to ask about Harriet Harman - what has she aver actually delivered? It strikes me that getting on with Gordon and being a girl are the only reasons she can give for being worthy of the position of Deputy Leader. I have no problem with a woman holding the post - but they must show their merit. Even John Prescott had better credentials.

And her first act as Deputy Leader is to deny that she ever suggested that the Government should apologise for the war over Iraq. So she now thinks it is justifiable to send soldiers to their death on the basis of a lie?



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